Welcome to the Archiginnasio

Built to host the University of Bologna, the Palace is currently the seat of the Public Library of the Archiginnasio, founded in 1801.

The walls of the halls, the staircases and the open galleries vaults are densely decorated with inscriptions and commemorative monuments dedicated to the Studio teachers and with approximately 6.000 students’ coats of arms that make it the largest wall heraldic complex in the world.

The building ended its university function in 1803 and, in 1835, the Archiginnasio became the seat of the Library that, since then, takes its name. ()

Ground Floor

The Upper Loggia

The Anatomical Theatre

The Stabat Mater Room

The Coats of Arms

History and Curiosities

Augustissima Musarum domicilia

Mostra realizzata nel 2019 in occasione dell’anniversario dell’inaugurazione del Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, 21 ottobre 1563.

Orazione Inaugurale 21 ottobre 1563

Pompilio Amaseo, De Bononiensium scholarum exaedificatione oratio (Bologna, 1563)