Historic Rooms

The ancient classrooms, now transformed into the legal deposits of the Archiginnasio, follow one another throughout the length of the façade of the palace.
The walls are adorned with coats of arms and monuments that celebrate the most prominent figures in the history of the Studio.
Through its Romantic style, the library tried to preserve the solemn image of the building, creating display cabinets to show memorabilia and bibliographic rarities, and affixing new busts, paintings and epigraphs to celebrate the donors of the civic library.

The Historic Rooms are not open to the public, but you can see them both from the Stabat Mater Room (open to tourists) and from the Reading Room of the Library. 

At the ends of the building, on the sides of the ten classrooms, there were two auditoriums, one for the Artists and the other one for the Legisti (law students).
This is the current Stabat Mater Room, while in the auditorium of the artists is now located the Reading Room of the Library and, for this reason, it is forbidden for sightseeing.