A woman on the walls

Muratori’s memorial

The only monument of the Archiginnasio that was realised by a female artist is Muratory’s memorial, which is located on the southern wall of the upper arcaded loggia. It was heavily damaged by the bombing of the 29th January 1944 and, also, by the subsequent restoration, because of a tear of the pictorial surface.
The memorial was painted in 1707 by Teresa Muratori and it was commissioned by her father Roberto to renew an older monument in honour of the ancestors, the two philosophers and doctors Francesco and Achille Muratori.
We can see the Fame on the left side and Mercury on the right side that lift the draperies on a scene that is dominated by the figure of Aesculapius at the top.

Memorial dedicated to lecturers Francesco and Achille Muratori – Upper arcaded loggia – 16th southern arcade – wall.